Priest in Charge Vacancy 

The Rev Marcel McCarron ceased to be Incumbent of St Edmund's on Sunday 14th August 2016. That means the parish of St Edmund's is in a period of interregnum. 

Shortlsiting for canditates will take place towards the middle of January 2017 with interviews taking place around the begining of February, final date TBC.

Please pray for both parishes during the Interregnum and for those involved in the process that will lead to a new Incumbent. 

The job advert can be found here

The new parish profile for St Edmunds is here. The profile for St Alban's is here

The Church financial report for 2015 can be read here  and 2016 here

For more information on the parish of St Edmund's and the work of the Living Well Centre, this website will give you a thorough introduction to the vision and mission of this place, how it works, and who is involved in the day-to-day operation. The parish remains at the heart of what goes on in the Living well and serves to support and encourage all its partner members.