Christenings (Baptism) 

Please CLICK HERE for a helpful booklet answering your questions about baptism.


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Sometimes people get a little confused by the words Christening and Baptism. Do they mean different things? No, christening and baptism are the same thing. If you are a parent wanting to get your child christened or you are an adult wanting to join your local church community through baptism, then we will happily talk you through the options and the process.

In fact the process is very simple. It normally involves a simple meeting with the Vicar which will include agreeing a date and time for the baptism and discussing any practicalities. In the first instance, could you make contact with St Edmund's Parish Administrator to arrange an appointment with one of the parish clergy. The Administrator is available in the Parish Centre Office on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 8.30am and 1.30pm on 01322 311201
An adult thinking of baptism may also be interested in learning more about confirmation.