Home Groups

Home groups are exactly that, a smallish (6–12) group of people from church or those who want to know more about Christianity and they meet in church members' homes or sometimes at church to share food, pray, discuss the bible and develop great friendships of mutual support. It is amazing how these groups turn into great sources of strength and support for its members, especially at times of need. We can find ourselves facing a difficulty at work, home or among our family and friends, and the Home Group can be a source of real help and companionship. 

Home Groups are like stars in the sky; they burn brightly for years and then sometimes they can begin to fade. It's the nature of them. They exist to offer support only to those who are available to make them happen. The Clergy are happy to offer nurture and direction where appropriate but each home group is antonymous deciding on what they want to do, how often they want to meet and what area of faith they might want to explore. Often they will decide to have a social which could be a meal out at a very nice restaurant or a trip to somewhere of their choosing.

If you have any other questions about home groups please get in touch with us by using the form on our Contact Us page. The Vicar is very happy to explore with anyone or a group of people who might like to start a new group. But to start off why don't you have a look at the four home groups that already meet on a regular basis. You can find more information on the right hand side of this page.