What we Believe

Jesus said: “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10) We believe that God loves us (and you) more than we can ever imagine and that he gave his Son, Jesus to die for us and rise again, so that we can live a life full of hope now and can share in his promise of eternal life when we die. We believe that although Jesus died, he rose again and has sent his Holy Spirit to be with us, so that we can grow to be more like him, as individuals and as a church community

We know that life isn’t always easy of course but we believe that because Jesus lived as a man and died a painful death, he understands sadness and pain, as well as joy and happiness.  He shares all of this with us and wants us to know that he loves us. We can trust in his promise that if we believe in him, we will have life with him after we die. Knowing that we are loved, we can be less anxious and hopeful about what the future holds.

Jesus had a particular care for children, for the poor and for people who society rejected or looked down on because they were different, or lived “on the edge”.  Jesus spoke to them, reached out to them and often changed their lives. We believe that everyone is valuable and in that same Spirit, we seek to welcome everyone who comes through our doors. 

Whatever your circumstances, you are very welcome here.