News from our Twin Parish, Kikore Tanzania 

Bishop James of Rochester sends greetings to the parish community of St Edmund's Temple Hill. He does so from Kikore Parish, Tanzania. Bishop James is visiting the Tanzanian Diocese of Kondoa that is linked with our own Rochester Diocese, and part of his trip is to visit the parish communities linked with parish communities back in Rochester Diocese. The photos below show the Kikore Parish Community gathering for a special service of Confirmation with Bishop James. The people and clergy send their greetings to us via Bishop James.

The photos also show the Kikore Parish Church with a new roof. This is something that they have been praying for over many years and it has finally been accomplished. The funding for this has come about in part through the generosity of a St Edmund's Temple Hill parishioner and who quite understandably has asked to remain anonymous.

Please continue to pray for Kikore Parish. Please speak to Robert Etheridge about any further news that maybe coming out of Kondoa Diocese or Kikore Parish. Please also write, send cards, to the parish of Kikore letting them know of your news and what you would like them to pray for. Ask Robert for the more details about where to send your letters.

Robert can be contacted via email at

Kikore Confirmation 2016 450

kikore church outside 2016 450

kikore church 2016 450